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Welcome to our terms and conditions of use page. By visiting our website you are agreeing to having read and are fully away of and in agreement with this entire web page.

last updated 11/3/06


The following are definitions that apply to our terms and conditions of use.

Terms and conditions - a phrase used to indicate all of the obligations, provisions agreements, and rights pertaining to some thing, such as a contract.
We - associates, members, employees, and owner(s) of http://www.atlwebsite.com.
I - associates, members, employees, and owner(s) of http://www.atlwebsite.com.
Atlwebsite.com - associates, members, employees, and owner(s) of http://www.atlwebsite.com.

Copyright Information

All information, pages, files, photos, pictures, images, graphics, animation, scripts, programs, and emails are the property of Atlwebsite.com and is protected by copyright laws and protected under the intellectual property laws of the United States, Canada and other jurisdictions. Atlwebsite.com has the right to prosecute any person, group, or entity that violates these copyright laws. As well we have the right to ask any person, group, or entity to remove any material from their web site that may be in violation of those laws or is property of Atlwebsite.com and that person, group, or entity must comply in full with our requests.

With out the written permission of Atlwebsite.com you can not do the following. You can not modify, distribute, display, use in other works, post or transmit. You can not use any thing from our web site for use in any thing else but an Internet browser. As well, you are not allowed to use any of our pages in any type of search engine optimization program, script, or analysis.

Sales and Purchases

All sales and purchase with Altwebsite.com are final. Although there may be a review period for the sale or purchase of a product or service. Please consult your contract that was agreed upon and signed when the product or sale was purchased. Any sales or purchases that have taken place with out a contract. Will follow the following rules. That sale or purchse is final once made.

Child Regulations

Our website follows a strict code of ethics and does its best to not display content that could be distasteful or unacceptable for children audience. But because we do not the age every viewer nor are we able to scan everyone before coming to our website, therefore we would like to advise that some content on our web site and web pages may not be suitable for every age. Please have an adult (one of 21 years or above) look over all of our web site and web pages before allowing any one under the age of 21 to view our web site.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

This document may have changes occur to it. It is strictly the responsiblity of the viewer to keep him or her self up-to-date with what may be written in this document. At any time we have the right to make any changes to this document.

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